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Quick Questions about Human Relationships, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Doing Economic Justice

1. The second table of the Law is often related to what passage in the New Testament?

2. True or False: When Jesus chose a Samaritan to be the hero of a parable, he was choosing someone who everyone listening to the parable admired and envied.

3. Which of the commandments can be understood to forbid racism?

4. Rosa Park's arrest for refusing to give up her seat to a white man is often cited as the start of the civil rights movement. In what year was she arrested?

5. Dr. King took the principles of his movement from Christianity but he developed his operational techniques from whose writings?

6. Which of these wars was Dr. King speaking against in 1967?

7. True or False: Dr. King believed that Christianity is not just about how we honor God but also about how we respect others, even our enemies.

8. True or False: We can make sure that the products we buy are produced by companies that treat their employees fairly by making sure our country has laws that establish and enforce appropriate safety standards in American factories.

9. Which of these organizations was originally started as a ministry of the Church of the Brethren and continues to operate primarily through religious organizations?

10. Which of these need not be a consideration in your purchasing decisions?

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Discussion Questions

Presbyterians usually divide the commandments with the first four as the first "table" and the last six as the second "table." Another way of looking at the ten commandments is to divide them evenly five on each of the two "tables." If the tenth commandment (improper desire) is the root of the four sins above it (lying, stealing, adultery, and murder), how might the fifth commandment (to honor parents) be related to the four that precede it (to honor the Sabbath, to honor God's name, to abstain from idols, and to follow no other gods)?

How should the Golden Rule (Matthew 7:1) be applied to persons who have committed horrible crimes? Does the Golden Rule conflict with justice being served?

What are some of the connections between Dr. King's work in the civil rights movement and his opposition to the conflict in Southeast Asia?

What are some of the ways you are tied to the rest of the world through your daily purchases? How do your purchases relate to the various points of violence in the world?

What specifically can you do to ensure that your purchases do not have unethical consequences?

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