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Quick Questions about God's Creation, Thomas Aquinas, and Reading New Testament Maps

1. What book of the Bible contains the story of creation?

2. Humans were given the earth to till it and to keep it. What does this mean?

3. What are you a steward of?

4. What does it mean to be stewards of God's creation?

5. When we collect money in our worship services, what are we doing?

6. True or False: Belief in the inspiration of the Bible requires us to reject the theory of evolution.

7. True or False: Thomas Aquinas was born to a wealthy family who opposed his entry into the Dominican order.

8. In Thomas Aquinas' best known work Summa Theologica he attempt to reconcile what two things?

9. Between Jerusalem and Nazareth there is a region that takes its name from an Old Testament city. What is the Old Testament name for that city?      Hint: the people of this region did not get along with the Jews.

10. Of the letters from the Apostle Paul which later became part of the New Testament, which was to the churches of an entire region rather than to a specific community or person?

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Discussion Questions

What should we do when there is a conflict between using resources to serve people's needs and preserving those resources?

The need for money in a congregation leads some congregations into all sorts of fundraising schemes. What principles should determine how congregations raise money?

Describe the difference between limiting what a scientist could believe and teach as the church did in the 1500s and limiting how a scientist can experiment on people and on human cells as the church today is urging.

When Thomas Aquinas worked to reconcile the teaching of Aristotle with Christian faith, he was working to help all educated people have a sense of connection between their faith and their intellect. How and where should the church do that today?

When Jesus told the story of The Good Samaritan he made a hero out of a person the Jewish people despised. If Jesus were ministering in Chicago today who would be the equivalent of the Samaritan rescuer?

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