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Quick Questions about Eternal Life, Martin Luther, and Worshipping Together

1. The cultural images of heaven on a cloud and hell in the center of the earth are . . .

2. What determines where we will spend eternity?

3. We should not sin because . . .

4. How should we treat persons of other faiths?

5. What major event occurred during Martin Luther's life?

6. True or False: Martin Luther began his drive to reform the church after taking offense at the church's use of indulgences?

7. What are indulgences?

8. Soren Kierkegaard described worship as a play. Which of the following is not a part of his analogy?

9. In the order of worship we follow, there are four groupings which of these is not one of them?

10. True or False: Prayer and music are included in all of the groupings in the order of worship.

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Discussion Questions

Why do you think a culture that is largely Christian has such strong images and ideas about heaven and hell that have so pttle connection to Christianity?

Have you witnessed situations in school or in the national news where a person seemed to be designated as the target for jokes or physical abuse with pttle justification? Why do you think this happened?

Are there ways that our church can encourage better relations between different faith traditions? Are there things you could do?

Why should we be humble in declaring some of the condemnations of others that we read in Scripture? How would you distinguish what we should read and declare gladly and what we should read with troubled hearts?

Do you think Martin Luther intended to create a new church when he posted the 95 theses? What else may he have had on his mind?

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