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Quick Questions about the Holy Spirit, John Calvin, and Figuring out Denominations

1. Jesus called the Holy Spirit?
     The Confessor or Answerer
     The Convictor or Agent
     The Comforter or Advocate
     The Converter or Ambassador

2. Which of the New Testament writers gave us lists of the gifts of the Spirit?

3. According to Galatians 5, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control together make up what?
     The affirmation of the Spirit.
     The fruit of the Spirit
     The evidence of the Spirit
     The proof of the Spirit
     The gift of the Spirit

4. There are two parts to the Holy Spirit's use of the Bible in our lives. Which are they?
     inspiration and creation
     inspiration and illumination
     inspiration and salvation
     inspiration and generation
     inspiration and affirmation

5. True or False: According to Augustine of Hippo, blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is ultimate rejection of the Spirit's work in your life.

6. In attempting to reform the Church, the Frenchman Jean Calvin had to flee his home. In what city did he settle and spend most of his life?
     Amsterdam, Holland
     Florence, Italy
     Geneva, Switzerland
     Edinburgh, Scotland

7. Which is not one the the central tenets of Calvinism?
     belief in the apostolic authority of bishops
     belief in the primacy of the scripture as an authority for doctrinal decisions
     belief in predestination
     belief in salvation wholly accomplished by grace with no influence from works

8. True or False: Each denomination believes only its members are headed for heaven.

9. Which of these is not one of the kinds of church government mentioned in this unit?
     Rule by bishops
     Rule by elders
     Rule by deacons
     Rule by all of the members

10. The Presbyterian Church is part of what division of the Church?

Discussion Questions

When Jesus described the Holy Spirit as a comforter or advocate he was using words often applied to lawyers who stood next to their clients before a judge. How does this image relate to the Holy Spirit's relationship to us?

The Holy Spirit uses the Bible to shape us into the people God would have us be. Explain how this relates to those who study the Bible as a sociological and anthropological record and those who close their eyes and pick a verse at random to have the Holy Spirit speak to them. What are the problems with each way of relating to the Bible?

How does the Holy Spirit speak to you today and what do you think the Spirit is telling you? What is it telling our church?

In the Apostles Creed we affirm that we believe in "the holy catholic church." How does a Presbyterian church fit in that belief?

In the Study Catechism, you read about several ways that people could be described as needy. How is this shared neediness good for connecting us to other people? How does it keep us humble?

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