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Quick Questions about Confirmation, Councils and Creeds, and Navigating the Bible

1. What sacrament is confirmation related to?

2. Before the Reformation, who did the confirming?

3. Before the Reformation, confirmation was understood as the time to

4. In a Presbyterian Church who examines the confirmand to see if she or he is ready to be confirmed?

5. When the confirmands are brought before the congregation they are asked three questions. Which of these is NOT one of them? (briefly recounted here)

6. Who presided over the church council in Acts 15?

7. True or false: The Church writes creeds to answer important questions about faith and to state what we believe in the words and terms of the current world.

8. The book of Joshua is in what section of the Old Testament?

9. How many books of history are there in the New Testament?

10. Three of the four gospels tend to see the life of Jesus through the same eye. Which of the four gospels does not fit in this category?

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Discussion Questions

What do you feel are the holes in your understanding of the Church that you would like to have answered as part of your confirmation experience?

Some Christians delay baptism until the believer is old enough to understand the ritual and the questions that are part of the ritual. What does this say about mentally challenged persons and their ability to become part of the Church?

The Bible is very important to members of the Presbyterian tradition. How does this relate to our cutting back the traditional authority of the clergy?

Which section of the Old or New Testaments are you the least acquainted with? Which section are you the most acquainted with?

If the church were to hold another council or write another creed, what do you think should be the major question (or questions) to be answered.

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