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Review and Discuss

Quick Questions about God's Love, Augustine of Hippo, and Reading Old Testament Maps

1. What attribute of God is central to the story of salvation?
     God's holiness
     God's justice
     God's love
     God's righteousness

2. True or False: The Bible contains both male and female images for God.

3. Why is there evil in the world?
     To test our love for God
     Only God knows
     Because the universe exists as a battle between good and evil
     Because the universe is a balance of good and evil

4. The great theologian Augustine of Hippo was born and served on what continent?
     North America
     South America

5. What important historical event happened during Augustine's life?
     The fire during Nero's reign that destroyed much of Rome in 64
     The destruction of Pompeii by a Volcano in 79
     The legalization of Christianity in 313
     The fall of Rome to the Visigoths in 410

6. Augustine is considered a bridge between what two things?
     The modern world and the Reformation
     The Reformation and the medieval world
     The ancient and medieval world
     The ancient and the classical world

7. Which tribe of Israel did not receive any territory only cities?

8. Jerusalem was the capital of the southern kingdom. What was the capital of the northern kingdom?

9. Where did the Tabernacle (the precursor to the Temple) reside for several hundred years?

10. When did Israel split into a northern and a southern kingdom?
     Upon the death of King Saul
     Upon the death of King David
     Upon the death of King Solomon
     Upon the death of King Rehoboam

Discussion Questions

How do you reconcile God's love with our government's legal system and prisons?

If God is love and Christians are supposed to forgive, should Christians ever go to war?

If God were only female, would that change our understanding of God's love? How?

If we do not have to be good in order to earn God's love, why should we be good?

How would the world be different if God did not allow evil?

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