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Quick Questions about Honoring God, Women in Ministry, and Using Symbols

1. What two experiences are entwined with our honor for God?
     hatred and anger
     fear and submission
     respect and love
     inspiration and passion

2. True or False: Honor is the expression of esteem we offer because of our respect.

3. True or False: Our posture is very important in demonstrating that we honor God.

4. As Presbyterians understand the Ten Commandments, the first four commands . . .
     relate to our relationship with the opposite sex
     relate to our relationship with God
     relate to our relationships with other people
     relate to our relationships with the created world

5. Why should you obey the Ten Commandments?
     to win God's love
     to earn your salvation
     to avoid being punished
     to demonstrate your gratitude

6. Did women have religious ministries before they began to be ordained?
     They had no ministries.
     They had ministries only in secret.
     They had ministries but they were not recognized by the church hierarchy.
     They had ministries but they were always outside the organized church.

7. True or False: The insult of ignoring the public ministry of women was not only against the women who were called to serve but against the teaching that Jesus' life, death, and resurrection should change social institutions as well as human hearts.

8. Which of the following is not a common symbol for Jesus?

9. Liturgical colors are . . .
     specified in the Bible.
     chosen to match the individual church's interior decoration.
     very ancient going back to the First Century church.
     useful to enhance our understanding of God's love.

10. Which of these symbols is not seen in the Presbyterian seal?PCUSA logo
     baptismal font

Discussion Questions

Years ago, Christians spoke of "fearing God" the way we speak of "honoring God." What are some of the aspects of popular Christianity that still reflect this "fear" of God?

Different religious denominations and traditions divide the Ten Commandments in different ways. What does that say about the current trend in posting the Ten Commandments in public buildings?

Any time you have a group of people worshipping together you will develop rules, by-laws, and policies. Sometimes these rules become limiting as they did when they refused to recognize the public ministries of women. What can you do to make sure that the rules you will follow do not create contradictions with the liberation taught in Scripture?

Sojourner Truth responded to a man who said her sermons were no more than a flea bite, by saying, "Maybe not, but the Lord willing, I'll keep you scratching." What did she mean that she wanted to keep him scratching? Why would a preacher want to have a sermon continually annoy the listener?

Occasionally we have visitors who do not speak English. What do you think they know about what we believe, hope, and practice by the time they leave? Consider the architecture, the decoration, the music, and the congregation's actions.

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