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Here you'll find some supplementary materials for use during new member classes. This site does not, however, replace the face to face conversations in our new member classes. These short articles are designed to push a little beyond what active members would be expected to master. This is also where I suggest further reading for folks who might be interested in following up on a specific topic.

The review questions were originally organized for a six-week study. The last week also included information about our local presbytery's and congregation's histories and government. I encourage you to organize this material in any way that suits your curriculum.

These pages were initially started back in 2005 for use in a small PCUSA congregation here in Chicago. This site was originally just a place to store and share my notes for new member training. They are freely offered to anyone who finds them useful. If you have the time, I'd love to hear what you've been able to use of this material and how you integrated it into your curriculum. Additionally, if you find errors in the coding or in the text, please let me know at

You're welcome to link to these pages, or, if you're technologically inclined, you're welcome to cut and paste this code into your own website. All I ask is that you link back here and that you respect my desire to keep these supplementary materials available without charge to everyone.

Best Wishes,
Stu Smith
Chicago, Illinois
June 2013