Your Future: Multimedia Resources

Some images and sounds free the mind to consider the possibilities of the future. Here are a few of my favorite. Not all of them are really serious, but all are important to me. I'd be glad to learn what stuff makes you dream.

Here is a piece of music that inspires me. What music makes you eager for tomorrow and makes you excited about your future?

Here are a few sites for people trying to make the world a better place for everyone.

Many people like to use personality inventories to get some insight into how they think with the idea that knowledge of how one thinks might help one make career and relationship choices. Some popular online inventories are:

And closely related, here is a Canadian site with several quizzes and assessments for career counseling.

A song that is important to my understanding of my own future is the lullaby "Everything Possible" by Unitarian minister Fred Small. Here's a version recorded by the singing group the Flirtations in 1990.

And finally let's create a moment of calm as Tara Brach leads us in a "Sacred Pause."

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