The Spirituality of Community: Review Questions

1. The largest community you belong to is . . .

The United States.
your religious community.
all creation.
your race.

2. Family teaches us . . .

all of the above

3. Abstractly formed communities, as defined here, include all the following except . . .

biological families
socio-economic classes

4. Being spiritual in nature . . .

requires recognizing connections with the rest of nature
requires visiting a very beautiful place
requires getting away from other people
requires getting away from human-made objects

5. Which section of Holst's The Planet's did you listen to?


6. We looked at current newspapers from countries . . .

which always see eye to eye on everything
which never see eye to eye on anything
which have identical interests
which have widely different interests

7. Which painting of social community demonstrated isolation even within the small community?

Liberty Leading the People
A Sunday on La Grande Jatte
At the Moulin Rouge

8. What did the South African government do to respond to the evils of apartheid?

openly discussed the evils that had been done
pretended that no evil had been done
publicly punished all the people who had done evil
executed a few of the worst criminals and moved on to try to stabilize the country's economy

9. Food is a part of community because it . . .

is part of what all living things need to live.
is passed down as part of our ethnic culture.
reminds us of our families.
all of the above.

10. Where did the Cajun community develop?

New York

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