Psalms 85-150

No. Title Tune
209 Psalm 89 My Song Forever Shall Record St. Petersburg
210 Psalm 90:1-5 Our God, Our Help in Ages Past St. Anne
211 Psalm 90 Lord, You Have Been Our Dwelling Place Lobt Gott in Seinem Heiligtum
212 Psalm 91 Within Your Shelter, Loving God Abbey
213 Psalm 213 God, Our Lord, a King Remaining Bryn Calfaria
214 Psalm 95 O Come and Sing Unto the Lord Irish
215 Psalm 95 Come, Sing with Joy to God To God with Gladness
216 Psalm 96 O Sing a New Song to the Lord Gonfalon Royal
217 Psalm 96 O Sing a New Song
218 Psalm 98 New Songs of Celebration Render Rendez a Dieu
219 Psalm 98 To God Compose a Song of Joy Keddy
220 Psalm 100 All People That on Earth Do Dwell Old Hundredth
221 Psalm 100 All People That on Earth Do Dwell Old Hundredth (Dowland Arrangement)
222 Psalm 103
223 Psalm 103 O My Soul, Bless Your Redeemer Stuttgart
224 Psalm 104 Bless the Lord, My Soul and Being Rustington
225 Psalm 113 Praise the Lord! Laudate Pueri
226 Psalm 113 Sing Praise Unto the Name of God Genevan 36
227 Psalm 115 Not Unto Us, O Lord of Heaven Meadville
228 Psalm 116 O Thou, My Soul, Return in Peace vs 3-6 Martyrdom
229 Psalm 117 From All That Dwell Below the Skies Lasst uns erfreuen
230 Psalm 118 This Is the Day the Lord Hath Made Nun danket all' und bringet Ehr'
231 Psalm 118:14-24
232 Psalm 118:19-29
233 Psalm 119:1-16 Blest Are the Uncorrupt in Heart Richmond
234 Psalm 121 I to the Hills Will Lift My Eyes Dundee
235 Psalm 122 With Joy I Heard My Friends Exclaim Gonfalon Royal
236 Psalm 124 Now Israel May Say Old 124th
237 Psalm 126 When God Delivered Israel Sheaves
238 Psalm 127 Unless the Lord the House Shall Build Bourbon
239 Psalm 128 How Happy Is Each Child of God Winchester Old
240 Psalm 130 Out of the Depths Aus Tiefer Not
241 Psalm 133 Behold the Goodness of Our Lord Crimond
242 Psalm 134 Come, All You Servants of the Lord Danby
243 Psalm 136 We Than You, Lord, for You Are Good Was Gott Tut
244 Psalm 136 Let Us with a Gladsome Mind Monkland
245 Psalm 137 By the Waters of Babylon
246 Psalm 137 By the Babylonian Rivers Kas Dziedaja
247 Psalm 138 I Will Give Thanks with My Whole Heart Herr Jesu Christ
248 Psalm 139 You Are Before Me, Lord Sursum corda (Smith)
249 Psalm 141 O Lord, Make Haste to Hear My Cry Cannons
250 Psalm 143 When Morning Lights the Eastern Skies St. Stephen
251 Psalm 145:13-21 Your Faithfulness, O Lord, Is Sure Winchester New
252 Psalm 145:1-13 O Lord, You Are My God and King Jerusalem
253 Psalm 146 I'll Praise My Maker Old 113th
254 Psalm 146
255 Psalm 147 Now Praise the Lord St. Anne
256 Psalm 148 Let the Whole Creation Cry Salzburg
257 Psalm 149 Give Praise to the Lord Laudate Dominum
258 Psalm 150 Praise Ye the Lord