The Presbyterian Hymnal
The Presbyterian Hymnal (1990, Westminster/John Knox Press, Louisville), is used by thousands of congregations; however, many of us who plan worship using this hymnal and treasure the songs in it do not read music and cannot always remember the tunes for unfamiliar hymns or remember which historic tune is which. This site is designed to connect the titles of the hymns in The Presbyterian Hymnal with entries in one of the many online hymn-tune libraries. To use this site, your computer must have a sound card and speakers.

Clicking on the tune name to the right of a hymn title in the tables that follow will direct you to the appropriate web page in an online library so that you may listen to an arrangement of that tune if one is available. In many cases the tune will begin to play automatically, in some collections, however, you may have to read through the text to find the link to the tune you seek.

If you know of an online source for any of the unlinked tunes, please notify me at stu@stusmith54.com. Please understand, some tunes have no names and some are still under copyright and, therefore, are not on available online.

I would appreciate it if you would also inform me of broken links and errors that you discover. The online world is always changing. Some websites disappear, and others change their URLs as they are reorganized or renamed. I depend on users like you to help this site stay up to date.

Currently we are using the following online music libraries.

For a similar sampler for the Sing the Faith hymnal which is almost the same as the United Methodist hymnal The Faith We Sing, I suggest you go midimarvels.com/FWS.HTM.

Please understand, this is a hobby project by a Presbyterian pastor who does not read music well and needed help in selecting hymns for worship. I am not connected to the editors or publishers of this hymnal, and I have no resources to find hymns online other than doing a simple Google search. I am in no way a musicologist or an expert on hymnody.

Finally, If this site works for you, I would appreciate your letting me know. I enjoy knowing that this site has been of service to others.

Best wishes,

Stu Smith
Chicago, Illinois
July 2013